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PTFE Top Elastomeric Bearings.

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Ptfe sliding bearings.
Pipe slides and Pipe supports.
Ptfe Heavy duty skid pad shoes.
Bonding advantages offered by us

Welcome to your single source for neoprene bridge bearing, bearing pads, neoprene bridge bearings,ptfe bearing, ptfe sliding bearings, TEFLON bearings, sliding bearing, neoprene, TEFLON manufacturer etc.. home page of and connected links. This website has a wealth of information on our product lines and we hope you will find this very informative.

Modern day construction requires large span movements for bridges and buildings and pipe lines and has the right solution for your. Especially in Shopping malls and airports where spans are very wide and structural movements are over 100 mm plus or a building in a seismic prone area with HDRB (High Density Rubber Bearings) are used with movements even much greater, effective and economical solution is to use our ptfe sliding bearing combination with laminated neoprene elastomeric bearing. Both rectangular and disc type bearings can be supplied with ptfe TEFLON top.

TEFLON sheets are used as sliding top surface to manufacturing PTFE sliding bearing in combination with Stainless Steel mirror finished surface as sliding top proves excellent sliding control.Thickness of ptfe TEFLON sheets will be to AASHTO / BS / DIN specifications. We are proud to be the first one in the Middle East provide such manufacturing facility, with TEFLON, there by high cost of import and time delay can be avoided. is direct source for ptfe sliding bearings,TEFLON bearings, teflon, pipe sliding, ptfe,manufacturer TEFLON,ptfe bearing,supports for pipes, pipe supports, ptfe bearing, ptfe sliding bearings, TEFLON bearings, pipe support neoprene Bridge Bearings ptfe bearing, ptfe sliding bearings, TEFLON bearings, TEFLON sliding bearings manufacturer in the Middle East, UAE.

Pipe slides and Pipe supports.
Ptfe-Teflon and Stainless Steel Slide bearing plates are a very practical and cost-effective way of providing a smooth movement of mechanical systems for pipe slides and pipe supports. From we manufacture and supply ptfe slide bearing plates consisting of Ptfe-Teflon and Stainless Steel for a variety of applications including support of piping, heavy equipments, pressure vessels, and structural steel members.

Concept of Ptfe sliding bearing is a Stainless Steel plate with mirror finish slides on top of ptfe - TEFLON sheet which provides a surface mating with low coefficient of friction as low as 0.05 which can be attached to a supporting structure and this combination provides support as well as simultaneously allowing load to move (slide) freely along supporting surface.

Sandwich concept is used when applying slide plates for ptfe pipe supports.

Our "pipe supports" are composed of two sliding plates, a metal backing plate (manufactured out of Stainless Steel 316 mirror finish grade) and a low coefficient of friction material PTFE-Teflon, bonded to another metal backing plate. When a pipe supported by Ptfe-Teflon and Stainless Steel Slide bearing plates moves (due to thermal expansion) it slide across the surface of the bearing plate without contacting the steel beam or supports. Top half of Ptfe-Teflon Stainless Steel Slide bearing plates is bonded to pipe, and bottom half to steel beam supports. We recommend using ptfe - Teflon and stainless steel as both resist oxidation and long services even in stressful, dusty, hostile environments.

Size and thickness of ptfe sliding bearing can be designed to your requirements once data on vertical load, and horizontal movements are provided to us.

Teflon and Stainless Steel provides lowest coefficient of friction for most combinations of temperature and load.

Heavy duty Skid Pad Shoes.

Our heavy-duty pate skid pad shoe is utilized in moving heavy equipments and fabricated structures by sliding over skid ways. Heavy duty dimpled and filled ptfe is used to manufacture these skid pad shoes. Skid pads can be welded to bottom of structure and can be used to slide heavy structure on polished wooden planks or steel plates. Dimpled ptfe is bonded to metal using our special boding DSTech Polymer compound to Enhance maximum bonding between metal to ptfe. Dimples in ptfe retain lubricating greases, which brings down friction between ptfe and sliding surface into meager levels.


Welding is most common method of attaching slide-bearing plate to supporting metal structures as pipe supports. When this approach is used a "lip" must be built since extreme temperature generated from welding may break or damage bond between low-friction material and metal plate. A 6.00 mm "lip" is adequate for most welded installations. Areas where welding cannot be used (for safety or other reasons) bolting is most common substitute in ptfe pipe supports. Slide bearing plates and pipe supports are components of products for bearing system for buildings and bridges, and as a result, we have extensive experience in bonding Teflon and Neoprene to metal plates.

Our Ptfe-Teflon Stainless Steel Slide bearing plates and pipe supports can be applied for a variety of different applications such as:

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Plants ; Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Pipelines ; Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) ; Steam Water Pipelines ; Chilled Water Pipelines ; Chemical Plants ; Polypropylene Plants ; Polyethylene Plants ; Power Plants ; Generation Plants ; Nitrogen Production Plants

Please feel free to send us your requirements, and our technical staffs are available to support you and answer your queries on a 24/7 basis.

Bonding advantages offered by DSTech Polymer Compound.
Our tested and proven DSTech Polymer Compound, a combination of high strength synthetic resins, especially developed for bonding ptfe to neoprene or to Steel surface is used with Ptfe sheets to bond for ptfe sliding berings as well as pipe supports. DSTech Polymer Compound provides higher bonding strength as well as hardness, which maintains a rigid flat surface for ptfe to work with-out buckling under sliding pressure, which is normally seen with Conventional bonding system.We offer bonding strength of 7kg/cm between ptfe and steel as well as ptfe and neoprene.Bonding is normally done by hot vulcanization process but resin bonding can also be offered.

More information on PFTE sliding bearings manufactured by us, visit.. Neoslidepads
Physical properties of filled and unfilled PTFE TEFLON used by us will be as following. Properties of filled and unfilled PTFE

Our quality assurance.

Under one roof with stringent quality control we manufacture bridge bearings, neoprene bridge bearings,laminate elastomer bearings, elastomeric bearing, bearing pads, pot bearings,PTFE sliding bearing, molded, ptfe sliding bearings,TEFLON bearings,pipe supports, ptfe bearing, ptfe skid pads and shoes, pipe supports and TEFLON products in Middle East. manufactured to AASHTO / BS / DIN specifications in the Middle East U.A.E.

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