Saturday, July 01, 2006

Video Movies.

Video files are becoming very versetile
You can see real time movies on internet on how bridge bearings are tested - we have done it from keep visiting this page to watch regular movies up-loads and up dates.

We have added 2 Videos here where 2 sizes of ptfe - teflon bearings
are tested at specified loads for lateral movements.

At 360 kN and 480 kN vertial load you can see the
bearings sliding effortlessly .

The advatages of ptfe teflon sling bearings can be seen here.
Ptfe sliding bearing Testing - 1
Ptfe sliding bearing Testing - 2

This is for the first time on the web you can see this., home page for neoprene bridge bearing, laminated elastomeric bearing pads, ptfe sliding bearings,TEFLON bearings,pipe supports, ptfe bearing, ptfe skid pads and skid shoes, pipe supports etc ..from Dubai in UAE.

Please keep visiting us, w willbe uploading many more
on this page.